Welcome to 88 Skateboards!

Welcome to 88 Skateboards!

Thanks for finding us!  88skateboards is family run by skaters who know skateboarding and currently skate!  That makes a huge difference when you have people who know what they are doing and how to relate to skateboarders.   This is our new site and a large improvement over our old website.  However we do have to input all the products and that takes time!  We always have way more in stock than the few products shown here.  Items are added everyday to this site but if you want to know if we have anything not shown please give us a call.  We are more than happy to help you!   Currently we have over 300 boards in stock, tons of wheels, trucks and bearings and hardware to get you on the road to skateboard mastery!  What we don’t have is everything listed on the site.

We carry all the major brands of skateboarding! Santa Cruz, Bones, Powell Peralta, Turbo, Litezpeed, Thunder, Venture, Independent, Spitfire, Sector 9, Atlas, FKD, Silver, Creature, Real, Embrace, Lurkville, Stereo, Yocaher, Mini Logo, Rekon, Black Revolver, Primitive and more!

We look forward to serving all your skating needs.  Skate On!

Sep 25th 2020 88 Skateboards

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